'UNSEEN' - Part of 'Must Watch'

'UNSEEN': Part of 'Must Watch'
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In 2009, in Cleveland, Ohio, police discovered the bodies of eleven women decomposing in and around the home of known sex offender Anthony Sowell. The stench of death had hovered over the neighborhood for two years prior to the discovery, as the women’s bodies laid in the house and yard rotting...

'UNSEEN' (Review)

By Norman Gidney
Film Threat

After a two-year period during which numerous women were reported missing in Cleveland’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood, a reported rape leads police to a grisly discovery: a serial killer, operating virtually in plain sight.

Unseen is a brilliant new documentary from filmmaker Laura Paglin that takes the viewer through a staggering checklist of emotions...

'UNSEEN' (DVD / Blu-ray Review)

By Chris Ball
The Plain Dealer

Five survivors of Anthony Sowell's house of horrors on Imperial Avenue in Cleveland's Mount Pleasant neighborhood take center stage in this dark 2016 documentary. Cleveland filmmaker Laura Paglin tells the convicted serial killer's shameful story through the victims' perspective. Melvette Sockwell, Vanessa Gay, Latundra "Lala" Billups, Shawn Morris and Gladys Wade lived to tell how they were lured into his death trap...

New documentary sheds light on Cleveland serial killer victims

Cleveland 19 News


It was the crime that sent shock waves through the city of Cleveland and across the country.

Believe it or not, it's been close to 10 years since 11 bodies were found in and around the Imperial Avenue home of convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell.

A new documentary called "Unseen," produced and directed by local filmmaker Laura Paglin, tells the story of what was uncovered in October of 2009 through the voices of the women who survived the grips of Sowell...

Paglin and 'UNSEEN' to be featured in Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties

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House of Horrors: The Shocking True Story of Anthony Sowell – In 2009, a Cleveland Police SWAT team entered Anthony Sowell’s home to arrest him on a sexual assault complaint. Inside, police found a nightmarish scene: The bodies of 11 women were strewn throughout the house and buried in the back yard. House of Horrors author Robert Sberna takes audience members into the mind of a killer by discussing his interviews with Sowell’s surviving victims, family, neighbors, and even Sowell himself. Filmmaker Laura Paglin, whose film Unseen examines the Sowell case, will discuss the plight of Sowell’s victims and the failings of the criminal justice system in this tragic episode...

Doc Talk (True Crime Excerpt)

By Peter Keough, Globe Correspondent
Boston Globe


EXCERPT: For two years women were disappearing in Mount Pleasant, but since it was a poor, African-American community in Cleveland, the police did not make the situation a high priority. Then in 2009 11 bodies were found on the premises of a convicted sex offender...

Time to See 'UNSEEN'

Freshwater Cleveland

Thanks to a distribution deal with FilmRise, Cleveland filmmaker Laura Paglin's true crime documentary Unseen can now be widely seen on Amazon Video, iTunes, Vudu, DVD, and Blu-Ray. An official selection of the Cleveland International Film Festival and DOC NYC, the documentary explores the horrific Anthony Sowell killing spree in Cleveland's Mount Pleasant neighborhood...

Documentaries: Unseen (2016) - Reviewed

By Liam S. O'Connor
The Movie Sleuth

The thing about film as a medium is that it can do many things. It can entertain, providing us comfort from our real world anxieties. We walk in theater and take for granted every waking moment of what is basking on that silver screen. But film can do so much more than just entertain us. It can illuminate untold stories and perspectives, revealing the truth that lies wide open in our wild...

'UNSEEN' (Review)

The Daily Telegraph


True crime aficionados should make the time to check out Laura Paglin's documentary about the victims of serial killer Anthony Sowell, which airs for the first time on UK television...