By David Lamble
The Bay Area Reporter

Excerpt: "Unseen" - Laura Paglin presents a real-life horror story that will stay with you. Unfolding in a Cleveland, Ohio hood that appears to have been ground central for the crack cocaine epidemic, the story features a villain right out of central casting, a drug-dealer/pimp who lures 11 African American women to a house in a slum where he tortures and murders them. Painstakingly assembled with survivor and bystander interviews, the film raises disturbing questions about the failure of the American justice system to protect the vulnerable. Using police-gathered footage and chats with witnesses including an immigrant convenience-store owner who raises non-PC concerns, "Unseen" is a pioneering use of the doc medium. It will prick the conscience of any viewer who still possesses one. (Roxie, 6/8, 11)