By Peter Keough, Globe Correspondent
Boston Globe


EXCERPT: For two years women were disappearing in Mount Pleasant, but since it was a poor, African-American community in Cleveland, the police did not make the situation a high priority. Then in 2009 11 bodies were found on the premises of a convicted sex offender.

How was he able to commit so many murders over such a long period of time, undetected — or unreported? In her documentary “Unseen” (2016), Laura Paglin investigates the story and uncovers a world in which crack addiction makes easy prey of marginalized women — whose human value has already been diminished by society’s disdain. As harrowing as the details of the victims’ fate is the testimony of those who managed to escape, including one woman who recalls that when she fled the killer and staggered onto the street, she encountered people on the way to church. “Nobody helped me,” she says.

“Unseen” is available for streaming on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes Vudu, and on DVD ($19.95) and Blu-ray ($24.95).

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