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Streaming (plus a burning desire to watch something) is the great equalizer. When you're sifting through zillions of movie options, the best documentaries can go toe to toe with Hollywood blockbusters. Fiction or nonfiction - doesn't really matter. A movie's a movie, and if it's moving/crazy/hilarious enough, it's worth a watch. Here's an array of documentaries on Amazon that fit the bill…

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Unseen (2016)

The bodies of 11 women were discovered on the yard and inside the home of convicted sex offender Anthony Sowell in Cleveland in 2009. While little is known about their identities, or those of the survivors found in the home, police work to uncover the truth by starting from an almost entirely blank slate. This true-crime documentary offers a harrowing look at what fate unfortunately often has in store for marginalized women, and why society turns a blind eye to their wellbeing.