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By John-Michael Bond
The Daily Dot

Amazon Prime has thousands of titles to choose from in its catalog, including a stunning array of documentaries. However, unless you’re really into UFOs, it can sometimes be difficult to sort through all the fluff to find the good stuff. Below, we present you with a list of the best documentaries on Amazon Prime. From true crime to music to professional skateboarding, this list has a little bit of everything for discerning documentary fans.



#40) Unseen

Evil sometimes hides in plain sight, especially when it targets the most marginalized members of society. In 2009, the Cleveland police department made a horrifying discovery at the house of a known sex offender named Anthony Sowell. Police found the bodies of 11 women on the property. But the worst horrors were yet to be revealed: how Sowell was able to kill 11 women over two years without anyone noticing. Powerful and genuinely haunting, Unseen is an incredible true crime documentary.