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2004 U.S. Election

'No Umbrella' is a 26-minute must see


"an unblinking look at the 2004 US Election Day failures in one of Ohio's poorest neighborhoods. In the most hotly contested state in the country, gridlock at inner city polls ignites tempers and sets off charges of conspiracy..."

'Coventry' filmmaker Paglin takes on 2004 Election

Cleveland Jewish News

Filmmaker Laura Paglin, who received acclaim for her first film, the locally filmed “Nightowls of Coventry,” has completed a new documentary, “No Umbrella - Election Day in the City.”

The film, which examines the 2004 Election Day failures in one of Ohio’s poorest neighborhoods, will have its world première at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, held Jan. 19-29 in Park City, Utah...

Rain will give way to Sundance

By James Renner
Cleveland Free Times

RAIN WILL GIVE WAY TO SUNDANCE… Local director Laura Paglin spent several years and thousands of dollars completing her passion project NightOwls of Coventry, which premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival in 2003. But it’s a short documentary with a budget of $25 that might make her career...