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Cleveland International Film Festival 2016: 'Unseen' is a moving, brutal tale of loss and survival

By Andrea Simakis
The Plain Dealer

Ironically, the most memorable moments in "Unseen," a documentary about the Anthony Sowell killings, aren't the lurid details of his unspeakable crimes. In 2009, police uncovered 11 bodies in and around Sowell's property at 12205 Imperial Ave. in Cleveland's Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

It's the stuff of horror movies to be sure. But that doesn't compare to the riveting, direct testimony of women who made it out alive - among them Vanessa Gay, who staggered, limping and bloody, out onto Imperial Avenue one Sunday morning...

'Coventry' Crew Left for Showing

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Sometimes, success hurts. Tickets for tonight's Cleveland International Film Festival premiere of "Nightowls of Coventry" were in such demand that the movie's writer-director Laura Paglin had to scramble to get standby tickets for herself, her cast and crew...