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Time to See 'UNSEEN'

Freshwater Cleveland

Thanks to a distribution deal with FilmRise, Cleveland filmmaker Laura Paglin's true crime documentary Unseen can now be widely seen on Amazon Video, iTunes, Vudu, DVD, and Blu-Ray. An official selection of the Cleveland International Film Festival and DOC NYC, the documentary explores the horrific Anthony Sowell killing spree in Cleveland's Mount Pleasant neighborhood...

Facing Forward: A Story about Clevelanders Told by Clevelanders

By Simone Barros
City News

In the midst of furious political protests over teacher unions’ collective bargaining rights and the national debate of America’s lag in education especially in poor and minority communities, the 35th Cleveland International Film Festival presents the film, “Facing Forward” highlighting the solutions taking place right here in a Cleveland charter school...

Where is the outrage?


Where is the outrage? Documentary filmmaker Laura Paglin shows us where some of it should be.

Before Katrina delivered the reality that in the land of the free, some are a lot freer than others, Paglin took a look one of our most cherished freedoms - the right to vote...