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Review: No Umbrella - Election Day in the City

Film Threat

“No Umbrella: Election Day in the City” was shot during the course of Election Day 2004 in Cleveland’s predominantly African-American East Side. Only three voting booths were delivered, which proved to be woefully inadequate for the extraordinary voter turnout. The gridlock at the polling center was compounded by rain, creating a wealth of ill-will among those forced to wait up to two hours to vote...

Standing in the Rain: Sundance Doc to screen at Midwest Film Festival

Screen Magazine

Before the 2004 election, Laura Paglin had no intention of filming an emotional political documentary. She certainly had no dreams of screening one at the Sundance Film Festival or as part of the documentary shorts program at Chicago's Midwest Independent Film Festival....

What's On Thursday Night?

The New York Times


An octogenarian councilwoman takes on polling-place breakdowns, an unresponsive bureaucracy and a just plain angry electorate...

Election Fiasco Film to make TV Debut on Cinemax


No Umbrella - Election Day In The City, director Laura Paglin's documentary chronicling 2004 Election Day troubles in one of Cleveland's poorest neighborhoods, makes its television debut Thursday, November 9th, 7:30 PM (EST) 10:30PM (PST) on the Cinemax cable network...

DVD REVIEW: No Umbrella: Election Day In The City

By Joe Gandelman, Editor-In-Chief
The Moderate Voice

Just two weeks from today Americans go to the polls.

And, hopefully, when they do there won’t be scenes similar to those captured in No Umbrella: Election Day In The City by a simple, hand-held camera that immortalized a combination tragedy, outrage and grim comedy that unfolded on Nov. 2, 2004 in one of Cleveland, Ohio’s poorest neighborhoods. The people turned out in droves to vote and found they couldn’t...

No Umbrella Review

By Wayne Aronsen

Election day, November 2, 2004, is the subject of this short documentary. Producer/director Laura Paglin chose a single voting location in East Cleveland to illustrate her claim that widespread “voting irregularities” occurred throughout the state of Ohio, depriving the mostly Democratic precincts (in this case, precincts X and T) of their ability vote through a desperate shortage of voting machines and precinct workers...

Two Excellent Films About the ’04 Election

By Jeffrey Wells
Hollywood Elsewhere

HE is now aware of two excellent films about the ’04 Presidential election in Ohio — a feature documentary I’ve already written about and a short documentary I just saw today. And boy, do they wise you up and make it clear what an incomplete, fuzzy-minded job regular TV news reporters did in covering what was really going down...

Where is the outrage?


Where is the outrage? Documentary filmmaker Laura Paglin shows us where some of it should be.

Before Katrina delivered the reality that in the land of the free, some are a lot freer than others, Paglin took a look one of our most cherished freedoms - the right to vote...

DVD REVIEW: No Umbrella - Election Day in the City


As another election season draws to a close marked by yet another contentious political scandal, a short documentary film on our last Presidential race has made its way from the Sundance Film Festival to an independent DVD release...

A Glance Backwards as We Gaze Forwards

By Joan Brunwasser

I watched No Umbrella: Election Day in the City for the second time tonight. It was hard enough to watch the first time around, before I knew what I was getting into. I attended a screening a few weeks ago at the We Count 2006 Conference on Fair Elections. It was fitting to see this documentary in the city where it was shot a little less than two years ago...