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Facing Forward Documentary

Cleveland school documentary goes nationwide

By Carlo Wolff | Staff Reporter
Cleveland Jewish News

“Facing Forward: A Student’s Story,” Laura Paglin’s documentary about Cleveland inner-city kid Tyree Stewart’s experience with the innovative Entrepreneurship Preparatory School, is a tale of struggle, aspiration and eventual triumph...

UNAFF Brings Films to Palo Alto Classrooms

By Rachel Stern | Patch Staff
Palo Alto Patch

United Nations Association Film Festival brings documentaries such as Facing Forward to Palo Alto high schools.

It's a rigorous and structured academic environment. The middle schoolers are entitled to only two bathroom breaks in their 10 hour day, have to be in class at 7 am every morning, and must don the same plaid uniforms throughout the non-stop academic year...

Facing Forward

By Joe Shearer
The Film Yap

As an education documentary, “Facing Forward” is a solid, engaging look at an oddity in the American educational system.

The E Prep school is a super-strict inner-city prep school in Cleveland, which takes drastic steps to protect students. Talking out of turn? Detention. Talking at lunchtime? Detention. Holding your books in the wrong hand? Detention, or you at least get yelled at...

'Facing Forward' traces the dramatic journey of one child in a Cleveland charter school

By Andrea Simakis
The Plain Dealer

If you think you’ve seen everything you need to know about the crisis in urban education after watching “Waiting for Superman,” think again. Director Laura Paglin spent three years inside Entrepreneurship Preparatory School, a charter school on Cleveland’s East Side that boasts test scores that are among the highest in the state. Smartly, Paglin focuses her lens on one student, seventh-grader Tyree Stewart, a charmer who arrives at E Prep barely able to read but with dreams of becoming a “billionaire scientist”...

Facing Forward: A Story about Clevelanders Told by Clevelanders

By Simone Barros
City News

In the midst of furious political protests over teacher unions’ collective bargaining rights and the national debate of America’s lag in education especially in poor and minority communities, the 35th Cleveland International Film Festival presents the film, “Facing Forward” highlighting the solutions taking place right here in a Cleveland charter school...

Cleveland International Film Festival's Local Heroes singles out homegrown films

By Andrea Simakis
The Plain Dealer

When software entrepreneur John Zitzner approached Cleveland filmmaker Laura Paglin about shooting a documentary about a fledgling charter school he'd helped start on the city's East Side, she was intrigued. But first, she laid down some ground rules: She would have "complete creative control" and act as an independent entity. And it "wouldn't be creating a glorified PR piece," she says...

Facing Forward

By Sam Allard
Neighborhood Voice

In James Baldwin’s 1961 essay collection, “Nobody Knows My Name,” the author insisted black parents sent their children to white schools in the South not out of ideals or convictions.

“They want the child to receive the education which will allow him to defeat, possibly escape, and, not impossibly, help one day abolish the stifling environment in which they see, daily, so many children perish” he wrote...