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A Star is Born

By Michael K. McIntyre, Plain Dealer Columnist
Cleveland Plain Dealer


Cleveland Councilwoman Fannie Lewis got a standing ovation at the screening of the film "No Umbrella - Election Day in the City," a documentary about problems at a Cleveland polling place in the 2004 election in which the fiery Lewis is the star. The film will be shown again tonight at 6 at City Hall...

Because Fannie Lewis Kicks Ass

Cleveland Free Times

Cleveland City Council and former Mayor Jane Campbell are apprehensive over a 26-minute short movie called No Umbrella, which screens during Shorts Program VI, at 4:30 p.m. on March 22. A Campbell friend has requested a preview copy of the film. So have members of Council. When festival staff alerted director Laura Paglin, the filmmaker responded: “Under no condition...”

'No Umbrella': A frustrating Film - For Good Reasons and Bad

By Tiffiny Kaye Whitney
L.A. Splash Magazine

At 7:15 AM on November 2, 2004, lines for the national election are already long and full of people waiting to have a say on who the next president of the United States should be. Though the wishes of swing-state Ohio have come to fruition in the form of a heavily campaigned high voter turnout, reality sets in. The election board apparently hasn't planned appropriately for the explosive expansion of citizens eager to perform their civic duty...