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Dairy to be set of Hippie Coventry

By Jeff Sikorovsky, Staff Writer
The Sun Press

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS – “The NightOwls of Coventry” have swooped down on the former Hillside Dairy plant and will be there for the next two months. NightOwl Productions, a local independent film company, leased the dairy from the city last week for $2,000 a month. It is transforming the dairy into a soundstage and production studio to film “The NightOwls of Coventry”...

Whooo are the NightOwls of Coventry?

By Jeffrey Levick
Cleveland Jewish News

“You Must Order Within Ten Minutes,” notes a handwritten sign hanging on the wall of a Coventry Road delicatessen, circa 1973. The odor of cigarette smoke hangs in the air as Holocaust survivors kibitz inside a sticky brown vinyl booth that’s seen better days. Deli owner, Marv, eyes the new waitress, despite backlash from Grace, Marv’s (who’s married) longtime lover and hostess...