In 2009, Cleveland police discovered the bodies of eleven women decomposing in the house and yard of known sex offender, Anthony Sowell. With unprecedented access to the surviving victims, UNSEEN tells a chilling story about the invisibility of women on the margins of society and raises troubling questions about why this killing spree went unnoticed for so long.

Facing Forward (Web).png

Facing Forward

Charismatic but troubled Tyree fights the odds of academic failure at a strict new inner city school. While teachers struggle to help this 7th grader succeed, life outside the classroom door soon puts everyone to the test. As reviewed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "If you think you've seen everything you need to know about the crisis in urban education after watching 'Waiting for Superman,' think again."

No Umbrella (Web).jpg

No Umbrella

U.S. Election Day, 2004, Cleveland, Ohio. In the most hotly contested state in the country, gridlock at inner city polls ignites tempers and sets off charges of conspiracy. No Umbrella drops us squarely into the chaos as we watch the irascible octogenarian councilwoman (Ms. Fannie Lewis) take on polling place breakdowns, an unresponsive bureaucracy, and an increasingly agitated electorate.

Nightowls of Coventry (web).jpg

Nightowls of Coventry

Cleveland. 1973. Marv, the owner of an old neighborhood Jewish deli, must stay open 24 hours to cater to a new generation of clientele, but straight-laced neighborhood do-gooders want to close him down. Meanwhile inside, hippies, bikers, and crusty old Jewish men - caught in the throes of changing times and culture clash - fight over turf and yearn for a waitress to take their orders...

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Shadow of the Swan

Shadow of the Swan chronicles the struggles and triumphs of Dennis Eberhard, an internationally-known Cleveland-based composer, as he travels to Russia to premiere his new piano concerto. The concerto eulogizes the victims of the Kursk submarine disaster. But because Eberhard is disabled from a childhood bout with polio, he must transcend more than cultural barriers...