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'UNSEEN' (Review)

By Norman Gidney
Film Threat

After a two-year period during which numerous women were reported missing in Cleveland’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood, a reported rape leads police to a grisly discovery: a serial killer, operating virtually in plain sight.

Unseen is a brilliant new documentary from filmmaker Laura Paglin that takes the viewer through a staggering checklist of emotions...

No Umbrella Review

By Wayne Aronsen

Election day, November 2, 2004, is the subject of this short documentary. Producer/director Laura Paglin chose a single voting location in East Cleveland to illustrate her claim that widespread “voting irregularities” occurred throughout the state of Ohio, depriving the mostly Democratic precincts (in this case, precincts X and T) of their ability vote through a desperate shortage of voting machines and precinct workers...

'No Umbrella' is a 26-minute must see


"an unblinking look at the 2004 US Election Day failures in one of Ohio's poorest neighborhoods. In the most hotly contested state in the country, gridlock at inner city polls ignites tempers and sets off charges of conspiracy..."

NightOwls of Coventry - Now Magazine Review

By Lori Fireman
Now Magazine

THE NIGHTOWLS OF COVENTRY is a cinematic time capsule of changing times in the 70s in Coventry, a quiet Jewish neighborhood in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, that's suddenly inundated with bikers, hippies and incipient yuppies. Nostalgia buffs will enjoy real-life photos of the old 'hood...

NightOwls of Coventry - Eye Weekly Review

By James Simons
Eye Weekly

In The Nightowls Of Coventry, a pleasant, sentimental film about the various patrons of a Cleveland deli in 1973, writer-director Laura Paglin attempts to craft characters who are not only natural and unique, but are also representative of their clashing generational stereotypes...

CINEBLOG 2004 Review: 'The NightOwls of Coventry'

By W. Fred Crow

'NightOwls' is a storied treat. Take a cutting-corners cafe owner who underpays his staff, short changes his customers, and hides from bills and food inspectors. Then throw in a crotchety group of older men who sit in that cafe every night, each wanting to focus the conversation on their own thoughts...

Review: 'The NightOwls of Coventry'

By Richard von Busack
Metro (Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper)

American Splendor's Harvey Pekar gives the endorsement to this film about his old neighborhood in Cleveland Heights. Laura C. Paglin's well-acted, small-time comedy concerns the denizens of Marv's, a roachy all-night deli/cafe...