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NightOwls of Coventry - Now Magazine Review

By Lori Fireman
Now Magazine

THE NIGHTOWLS OF COVENTRY is a cinematic time capsule of changing times in the 70s in Coventry, a quiet Jewish neighborhood in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, that's suddenly inundated with bikers, hippies and incipient yuppies. Nostalgia buffs will enjoy real-life photos of the old 'hood...

NightOwls of Coventry - Eye Weekly Review

By James Simons
Eye Weekly

In The Nightowls Of Coventry, a pleasant, sentimental film about the various patrons of a Cleveland deli in 1973, writer-director Laura Paglin attempts to craft characters who are not only natural and unique, but are also representative of their clashing generational stereotypes...

A Coventry Carol: 'Nightowls of Coventry' captures a bygone era

By Charles Cassady Jr.
Cleveland Free Times

...Nightowls of Coventry, opening this week at the Cedar Lee. Shot here in its entirety (on Super 16mm and not cut-rate digital video) for under $500,000 raised through private investors and grants, it's Cleveland Heights filmmaker Laura Paglin's comic-tragic homage to the Coventry Road community in the early 1970s, when the hippies were on their way out and the yuppies on their way in...

Hometown work gets a run after a marathon struggle

By Julie E. Washington
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Writer-director Laura Paglin has found that getting her locally produced film "Nightowls of Coventry" shot was half the battle.

The war's not over until you get the film into theaters...

The NightOwls of Coventry swoops into town

By Michael Gallucci

Laura Paglin conceived of The Nightowls of Coventry (which opens Friday at the Cedar Lee Theatre) in the late '80s, when its 1973 setting wasn't so distant. "When I first moved here, I picked an apartment at random in Coventry," says the director, who's originally from Portland, Oregon. "I started talking to people who were part of the counterculture scene in the '70s. They were very relaxed, but also very cynical..."

CINEBLOG 2004 Review: 'The NightOwls of Coventry'

By W. Fred Crow

'NightOwls' is a storied treat. Take a cutting-corners cafe owner who underpays his staff, short changes his customers, and hides from bills and food inspectors. Then throw in a crotchety group of older men who sit in that cafe every night, each wanting to focus the conversation on their own thoughts...

Hippies, Hells Angels, the Holocaust, Oh My!

By Alison Williams
CINEQUEST Circle & Print

Locked away for hours in a concrete cell, miserable from the repetitive nature of bars, clefs and staffs, led Laura Paglin to break out and escape for a relaxing pastrami on rye and a hot cup of joe. The year was 1985...

Review: 'The NightOwls of Coventry'

By Richard von Busack
Metro (Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper)

American Splendor's Harvey Pekar gives the endorsement to this film about his old neighborhood in Cleveland Heights. Laura C. Paglin's well-acted, small-time comedy concerns the denizens of Marv's, a roachy all-night deli/cafe...

'Coventry' Crew Left for Showing

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Sometimes, success hurts. Tickets for tonight's Cleveland International Film Festival premiere of "Nightowls of Coventry" were in such demand that the movie's writer-director Laura Paglin had to scramble to get standby tickets for herself, her cast and crew...

‘NightOwls’ Examines the Character of Coventry

By Margi Herwald
Staff Reporter, Cleveland Jewish News

When Susan (Donna Casey), a college freshman, leaves the safety of her small town for the big city of Cleveland in 1973, she has no idea what she's getting into...