Documentaries: Unseen (2016) - Reviewed

By Liam S. O'Connor
The Movie Sleuth

The thing about film as a medium is that it can do many things. It can entertain, providing us comfort from our real world anxieties. We walk in theater and take for granted every waking moment of what is basking on that silver screen. But film can do so much more than just entertain us. It can illuminate untold stories and perspectives, revealing the truth that lies wide open in our wild...

'UNSEEN' (Review)

The Daily Telegraph


True crime aficionados should make the time to check out Laura Paglin's documentary about the victims of serial killer Anthony Sowell, which airs for the first time on UK television...


What's on TV (UK) - 'UNSEEN'

What's on TV

This harrowing feature-length documentary looks into the case of ex-Marine Anthony Sowell, who lured 11 women into his Cleveland, Ohio home with the promise of drugs before killing them...

Inside Her Story: The Story Of Women Targeted By Sex Offenders

The Tom Joyner Show
Interview by Jacque Reid

In 2009, police discovered the bodies of 11 women in the home of a sex offender who targeted African-American prostitutes and crack addicts. Filmmaker Laura Paglin made the crime documentary Unseen to tell the story of the women killed and of the survivors.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with filmmaker Laura Paglin and survivor Vanessa Gay on this tragic story and eye-opening film...

'UNSEEN' (Review)

By Marc Fusion

In 2009, police discovered a host of dead bodies in the home of Anthony Sowell, who would later be convicted on 84 counts of murder, rape, and assorted other criminal charges. A horrible smell had been infamous in the area for a long while...

'Unseen' Documentary About Anthony Sowell Murders Debuts This Month

By Laura Morrison
Cleveland Scene

Unseen, a true crime documentary about the horrific Anthony Sowell murders, is set to hit DVD, Blu-ray and a handful of streaming services January 23. Directed by Cleveland-based filmmaker Laura Paglin (Facing Forward), the gripping film was an official selection at the Cleveland International Film Festival and DOC NYC...

Redemptive Documentaries

By David Lamble
The Bay Area Reporter

Excerpt: "Unseen" - Laura Paglin presents a real-life horror story that will stay with you. Unfolding in a Cleveland, Ohio hood that appears to have been ground central for the crack cocaine epidemic, the story features a villain right out of central casting, a drug-dealer/pimp who lures 11 African American women to a house in a slum where he tortures and murders them...

'UNSEEN' (Review)

By Molly Laich
Missoula Independent

In 2009, serial killer Anthony Edward Sowell was finally arrested on rape, kidnapping and murder charges after 11 unidentified bodies were found in his decrepit home in Cleveland's Mount Pleasant neighborhood. Rather than dwelling on Sowell, Laura Paglin's film instead focuses on interviews with his victims, all of them poor, black women who were lured in with promises of drugs...

How a Serial Killer Brutalized Marginalized Women

By Seth Ferranti, Contributor
Huffington Post

For two years numerous women went missing in Cleveland’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood. But nobody really cared because these woman were junkies and prostitutes and crack heads, marginalized women in poverty-stricken areas where people tended to keep to themselves. Finally a reported rape leads police to a house of horrors...